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Loss Accounting

Energy Bills

Production Ratios

Deviation Alerts

Automated Reports

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AlEnSoft has:

A new way of visualising data

AlEnSoft presents data in easy to view dashboards. Critical information & deviations are visible at a single glance. Graphs, widgets, dials, tables – its’ all there and its’ all colorful.

Advanced notifications and alerts

Alerts and notifications can be programmed across the network. Alerts are application specific as well, so that you get a better perspective about each alert.

No limitations on data

There are no tag or parameters limitations. All data from all devices connected is available in real-time and over time.

A wide variety of reports & views

AlEnSoft has over 40 types of reports and views that help you get a better grasp of your entire factory or facility. Auto email and auto save features are also available.


AlEnSoft is:

Built on a foundation of over 25 years of field experience

Working closely with customers over the last few decades, we have taken care to ensure that AlEnSoft empowers daily energy management decisions

Focussed on energy management

Built around key energy management focus areas, AlEnSoft helps you pin-point real issues and take appropriate action

Meant for access from anywhere and at anytime

Access AlEnSoft anywhere anytime through a variety of devices – the desktop, the web or from a smartphone or tablet

Backed by a committed team

Our in-house development ensures that the software is always evolving to meet changing needs. Our support team ensures that your system is up and running always, even years after your purchase.


Capacity Studies

Demand Utilisation

TOD Optimisation

Operating Histories

DG Monitoring


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Machine Studies

Maintenance Logs

DG Maintenance

Log Books




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Run Hour Studies

Manpower Efficiency

Comparison Studies

Loading & Idling Patterns


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Taking charge of your energy costs can be quite a challenge in todays’ world. Constant demands on ones’ time and energy, shrinking budgets and tight deadllines make it difficult to really focus and act on energy management activities.


What is needed is a system that does most of the work for you.

  • A system that monitors, logs, notifies and reports.
  • A system that signals instantly where action is needed.
  • A system that makes mundane day-to-day reporting a breeze.
  • A system that has the capability to integrate  not just hundreds of energy meters, but a host of other devices to enable comprehensive energy and resource managment.


AlEnSoft 10 is a step in this direction.



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