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Arbitrary Function Generators

  • Models – GX 1025, GX 1050
  • Accurate, stable and pure 25 MHz arbitrary signal generator with low distortion, sampling at 125 MS/s and 14-bit resolution,
  • Large 320×240 mm high-contrast TFT colour LCD screen
  • Frequency range from 0.001 mHz to 25 MHz
  • DDS technology on 2 selectable outputs (coupling or duplication)
  • Generation of all signal types: sine, square, triangle, pulse, white noise, arbitrary signals (48 preset waveforms)
  • Modulation: AM & FM, FSK & ASK, PM & PWM
  • SWEEP and BURST functions: internal or external, linear or logarithmic
  • 100 mHz to 200 MHz external frequencymeter
  • User interface and integrated help in English
  • Programmable via USB link with SX GENE software and storage on USB key on front panel

SX-GENE v2.0 can control a GX1025 arbitrary generator, save and restore configurations and generate arbitrary signals.It can be used to :

  • Transfer data in .arb files,
  • Recover a signal from a METRIX oscilloscope trace file (.trc file)
  • Recover a generator configuration (.cfg).
  • Recover an arbitrary signal stored in one of the 10 free storage locations in the generator.