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Laboratory Power Supplies

  • Models – AZ 501, AZ 502, AZ 503, AZ 503F
  • Lightweight due to its high-efficiency toroidal transformer, the AX 501 is designed for safety: electronic current limitation in the event of short-circuit, temperature control in the event of overloads or overheating, double insulation of output in relation to the mains supply with dual-well safety terminal, even for the earth connection.

Power supply with linear technology for stability and low noise with one 30 V / 2.5 A variable output:

  • Protection against short-circuits and overheating,
  • Double-insulated output,
  • High-efficiency uinventilated toroidal transformer,
  • Double-well safety terminals.


DOX 3000 Family

  • Models – AX 1360
  • Triple programmable controlled power supply with 2 adjustable outputs (0-30 V) and 1 selectable fixed output (2.5 V/ 3.3 V/ 5 V)
  • The simple-to-use AX1360-P allows you to change from series to parallel connection by simple selection, without any rewiring. The power supply then switches automatically between the 2 modes.

Other specifications:

  • 2 adjustable outputs (0-30 V) and 1 selectable fixed output (2.5 V / 3.3 V / 5 V)
  • Simultaneous bright colour display of currents and voltages on 3 digits
  • Faster working with 4 configurations available for recall on front panel
  • Excellent stability with low drift over time in all modes
  • Protection against overvoltages, heating and short-circuits
  • Fan control depending on output power
  • USB communication and SCPI programming,
  • LV and CVI drivers available on the support website.