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<h2> Energy Meter Manufacturers in Hyderabad</h2> DiGi 620 digital energy meter is designed to offer accurate power and energy readings.For Energy Meter Manufacturers in Hyderabad contact us @ 9790226888. Visit our website – Energy Meter Manufacturers in Hyderabad.
DiGi 620


  • Harmonics
  • Class 0.5s
  • Export / Import Energy
  • Phase Sequence Adjustment
  • Power, Demand & Energy


Standards for Performance & Safety

DiGi 620Accuracy Class 0.5s as per IEC 62053-22

EasePerformance that enhances your effectiveness

DiGi 620 True RMS accuracy upto 31st order harmonic
DiGi 620SMPS power supply
DiGi 620Continuous sampling on all channels at 64 samples/cycle
DiGi 620Phase sequence adjustment for easy installation
 DiGi 620Voltage input upto 480V

 DiGi 620PT & CT programmable

DiGi 620 Password protection
DiGi 620 RS-485 port with Modbus RTU protocol
DiGi 620 Backlit LCD graphical display
DiGi 620Digital Outputs (optional)


DiGi 620
  • Voltage – 3U, 3V, Unbalance
  • Current – 3I, In, Unbalance
  • Powers – kW, kVA, kVAr – phase wise and total
  • PF – phase-wise and total
  • Frequency
  • kWh, kVArh, kVAh
  • THD – V & I
  • Individual harmonics upto 31st order
  • Demand & Max Demand