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ALM 10

Convenient tool for Load Studies

  • IEC 61010 | CAT III 600V Safety standard
  • Multi-tasking
  • Alarms & Inrush


Standards for Performance & Safety

 High electrical safety standards

Recordjust what you want

Capture up to 4,000 alarms
Record up to 8 screenshots (pictures)
 Complete freedom to select time interval and duration for recording
Capture Inrush Current (capture Current & Voltage waveforms)

Ease and Performance that enhances your effectiveness

Multi tasking

Multi tasking ability for simultaneous Data Logging and Harmonic Analysis

Auto CT recognition

Accepts upto 8 different CTs for measurement

Battery backup upto 13 hours for operation & 40 hours for data logging
Record just what you want
  • 4 sets of pre-recorded configuration for data logging

Easyto Download

  PAT and DataView software for Data Download, Real-time Views and Report Generation
Direct recording on PC with DataView software
  Export data to Spread sheet and PDF format
A wide range of Predefined report models available for quick printing


  • AC+DC Voltages – upto 600V P-N
  • AC+DC Currents – 5mA to 10,000Aac/ 50mA to 5000Adc
  • Frequency – 40 to 69 Hz
Power & Energy
  • PF, Cosø, Tanø
  • kW, kVA, kVAr (With, Without harmonics) total
  • Wh, VAh, VArh

Power Quality
  • Voltage – ½ cycle Min/Max Peaks
  • Current – ½ cycle Min /Max Peaks
  • THDf on V & I
  • Short-term Flicker, CF, K-Factor
  • Harmonics up to 50th order on V, I and VA
  • Sequence of Harmonics (zero, -ve,  +ve)
  • Inrush Current