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ALM 10

ALM 10

Convenient tool for Load Studies

  • IEC 61010 | CAT III 600V Safety standard
  • Multi-tasking
  • Alarms & Inrush


Standards for Performance & Safety

ALM 10 High electrical safety standards

Recordjust what you want

ALM 10Capture up to 4,000 alarms
ALM 10Record up to 8 screenshots (pictures)
ALM 10 Complete freedom to select time interval and duration for recording
ALM 10Capture Inrush Current (capture Current & Voltage waveforms)

Ease and Performance that enhances your effectiveness

ALM 10

Multi tasking

Multi tasking ability for simultaneous Data Logging and Harmonic Analysis

ALM 10

Auto CT recognition

Accepts upto 8 different CTs for measurement

ALM 10
Battery backup upto 13 hours for operation & 40 hours for data logging
ALM 10
Record just what you want
  • 4 sets of pre-recorded configuration for data logging

Easyto Download

ALM 10  PAT and DataView software for Data Download, Real-time Views and Report Generation
ALM 10Direct recording on PC with DataView software
ALM 10  Export data to Spread sheet and PDF format
ALM 10A wide range of Predefined report models available for quick printing


  • AC+DC Voltages – upto 600V P-N
  • AC+DC Currents – 5mA to 10,000Aac/ 50mA to 5000Adc
  • Frequency – 40 to 69 Hz
ALM 10ALM 10ALM 10
Power & Energy
  • PF, Cosø, Tanø
  • kW, kVA, kVAr (With, Without harmonics) total
  • Wh, VAh, VArh
  ALM 10ALM 10ALM 10

Power Quality
  • Voltage – ½ cycle Min/Max Peaks
  • Current – ½ cycle Min /Max Peaks
  • THDf on V & I
  • Short-term Flicker, CF, K-Factor
  • Harmonics up to 50th order on V, I and VA
  • Sequence of Harmonics (zero, -ve,  +ve)
  • Inrush Current
ALM 10ALM 10ALM 10ALM 10ALM 10ALM 10ALM 10


ALM 10