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SPO Benchtop Digital Oscilloscopes All Models; TRMS AC current and voltage measurements & For More Details Process Signal Callibrators in Mumbai @9790226888
SPO Benchtop Digital Oscilloscopes

SPO Benchtop Digital Oscilloscopes

  • Models -DOX 3000, DOX 3104, DOX 3304
  • TRMS AC current and voltage measurements and all the ranges programmed automatically for simpler use
  • NCV (no-contact voltage) detection for work in total safety
  • Convenient: backlit screen and built-in torch
  • Ergonomic: fit in one hand
  • Practical: thanks to its shockproof sheath with storage slots for leads which is also magnetized for easy mounting on electrical cabinets

The DOX3104 is a comprehensive digital oscilloscope equipped with a 25 MHz arbitrary function generator.

It offers advanced digital technology to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of fields:

  • designers and production and troubleshooting specialists in electronics, telecommunications, IT and peripherals
  • automotive and industrial electronics
  • automated systems


This oscilloscope, based on the SPO technology, offers powerful functions:

  • digital triggers
  • serial bus decoding
  • an MSO logic input with a built-in 8-channel logic analysis probe
  • complete mathematical functions on each channel
  • history of the events.
SPO Benchtop Digital Oscilloscopes
SPO Benchtop Digital Oscilloscopes

The capacity for recording faults and events is optimized by waveform capture (up to 110,000 per second).

The 8″ colour screen offers 256 colour levels to adjust the brightness of the waveforms. Variation of the brightness, which is adjustable, makes it easier to view curves with colour shading.

The memory depth of up to 28 Mpts (1 channel) at a rate of 2 GS/s allows users to capture fast transient signals, with optimization of the memory by segmentation.


There are also classic triggers and complex triggers for the electronics sector:

  • “Pattern triggers” on logic signals (and, or, nand, nor)
  • “Runt triggers” on pulse conditions
  • “Interval triggers” on status conditions (rise, fall or dropout for signal analysis, BURST on “Windows” central window sizing with absolute or relative delta)


A powerful statistics mode can be used to search for events in a recording or analyse the signal’s stability by means of standard deviation measurements.

Via USB or ETHERNET, the EASYSCOPE software for PC allows users to:

  • enter and incorporate information on the signals in the reports drawn up on site or in archived files, without any programming.
  • interface with a PC for programming of the DOX
  • recover screenshots and TRACE files
  • perform tests remotely.



Via USB, the EASYWAVE PC software can be used to:

  • Import the curves from the oscilloscope
  • Modify the signal: by drawing, mathematical function, etc.
  • Send data to the ‘send scope’ memory location available on the generator: 4 ARB locations available.
  • Read an arbitrary signal stored in the memory



Technical Specifications

  •  bandwidth: 100 MHz,- 4 channels, 1 MΩ or 50 Ω
  • vertical sensitivity: 12 ranges from 2 mV to 10 V/div – Accuracy ± 3% – 8-bit resolution
  • 32 automatic measurements and cursor measurements
  • FFT calculation on all 4 channels on 1,024 points simultaneously with the waveform
  • Horizontal deflection: 1ns/div to 50s/div in oscilloscope mode