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KRYKARD TruSine Active Harmonic Filter

By installing TruSine AHF you can:

  • Avoid penalties from EB
  • Avoid machinery failures
  • Minimise tripping of switchgear
  • Increase Transformer & DG utilisation factors
  • Reduce Cable losses and failures
  • Avoid Capacitor Bank failures
  • mprove PF thereby reducing Demand
Active Harmonic Filters

Advantages of KRYKARD TruSine AHF

  • Digital Fast Fourier Transform based harmonic compensation helps significantly reduce harmonics of the 3rd to 51st order
  • Option to mitigate selective harmonics
  • Automatic PF improvement up to the unutilized capacity of filter
  • Ability to connect up to 40 units in parallel; Master-Slave combination or Peer combination
  • Harmonic attenuation up to 97% at rated current and prevents possible harmonic resonance
  • Voltage independent harmonic current tracking for more immunity to input voltage distortion
  • Inherent current limiting will prevent overload condition
  • Option of 3ph 3 wire / 3ph 4 wire; Option of 690V

Technical Specifications

Active Harmonic Filters