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Dranetz PQ3K

Power Quality Monitor

  • Models – PQ3K/5K
  • PDF creation via WEB interface of the device
  • Selectable report duration
  • Selectable report scope (overview, statistic details, event overview)
  • Direct compliance assessment of standards EN 50160, IEC 61000-2-2 / 2-4 / 2-12, GB/T, IEEE 519 or customer specific limits
  • Customer specific logo in the report
  • Independent certification by Federal Institute of Metrology
  • Device type PQI-A FI2 acc. IEC 62586-1
  • Proven at 230V / 50 Hz and 120V / 60Hz
  • Flicker meter class F1
  • Flagging concept: Multiphase approach in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30

Monitoring & Alarming

  • 12 limit values
  • 8 monitoring functions with 3 inputs each
  • 1 collective alarm as a combination of all monitoring functions
  • 3 operating hourcounters with definable running conditions
Dranetz PQ3K
Dranetz PQ3K

The PQ3K is a cost effective monitoring solution that combines general purpose PQ detection (with waveform recording) and 4 quadrant energy monitoring in one instrument. Wide-ranging applications include utility, facility, manufacturing, petro chemical, mission critical and more.

The PQ3K is housed in a 144mm x 144mm panel mounted enclosure with a high resolution, color TFT display.

Traditionally, power quality monitoring is only conducted as a reaction to trouble such as device failure, plant malfunctions, process interruptions or communication breakdowns. However, all these problems cost money and nobody wants to experience the same thing again just to be able to create a corresponding record for analysis. Therefore, the biggest advantage of continuous power quality monitoring is that users put themselves in a position to proactively build up their knowledge thus increasing system availability.

DRANETZ PQ3K / PQ5K helps to detect trouble before it can do any damage and to provide data for the identification of the root cause in case an event actually occurs.

DRANETZ PQ3K / PQ5K is a Class A device according to the IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.3 power quality standard. It can thus provide reliable and comparable information for regulatory agencies, negotiations with energy suppliers or internal quality control.

Conformity reports on various standards can be generated directly via the website of the device.


  • High resolution, colour TFT display for the pin-sharp indication of measured data
  • Consistently visible status information (alarms, password protection, data recording, time/date)
  • Clear Design



  • Language-specific plain text menu navigation
  • Topical arrangement of measured value information for quick data access
  • Service area for maintenance and commissioning



  • Certified power quality monitoring according to IEC 61000-4-30  Ed. 3, class A
  • Acquisition of energy consumption: Meters and load profiles
  • Plant condition monitoring



  • Applicable in all network configurations without hardware variance
  • Freely selectable measured variables for mean values and meters
  • Freely definable alarm conditions  with summary alarm and recording



Combinable device design (functionality, interfaces, I/Os, auxiliary energy)

Parameters according to IEC 61000-4-30, Class A

  • Power frequency
  • Magnitude of supply voltage
  • Flicker
  • Supply voltage dips / swells
  • Voltage interruptions
  • Supply voltage unbalance
  • Voltage harmonics
  • Voltage interharmonics
  • Mains signalling voltage on the supply voltage
  • Rapid voltage changes (RVC)
  • Underdeviation and overdeviation
  • Current (magnitude, harmonics, interharmonics)


Dranetz PQ3K