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Access your EMS from anywhere, at anytime

Perfect For Centralised Monitoring of Remote Sites

Commercial Complexes
Retail Outlets
Small Factories


  • Simple to install and connect
  • Monitor hundreds of remote sites in a single portal
  • Measure and monitor usage of Electricity, Water, Air or any other resource
  • EMS in your pocket – Apps for iOS and Android
  • Alerts and Notifications for any critical deviations
  • Wide variety of trends and reports for analysis


  • Real time data
  • Trends
  • Views
  • Reports

Energy Management System on CloudEnergy Management System on Cloud


    Energy Management System on Cloud


    Energy Management System on Cloud

Features & Reports

  • Real time trends for any parameter
  • Historical trends for any parameter and period
  • Energy Reports – Shift, Day, Month – in PDF and Excel
  • Energy Target vs Actual Deviation Report – Daily – in Excel
  • Max. Demand Crossing View for Incomer – for any period
  • Max. Demand Reports for Incomer – Day, Month – PDF and Excel
  • Harmonics Trends – Real-time and Historical analysis
  • Peak Harmonics Trends
  • PF Trends
  • Time Of Day Energy Reports
  • Alarm Configuration with user settable alarm limits
  • Auto Email of Daily Energy reports
  • Email alerts for Alarm occurrences to specified email IDs


Typical Schematic

 Energy Management System on Cloud