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LEED Certification in Chennai


Take charge of your energy and resource costs

20 +Committed Years
200+ EMS Networks
12,000+Monitoring Points
10+ $ Million Saved

Energy Management

In 4 Simple Steps


  Building Automation in Chennai

GET your data

  • Get data from all your energy & resources consuming points
  • Monitor and get alerts in real-time


  EMS in Chennai

SET your targets

  • Set targets for each consumption point
  • Match targets with industry or facility norms
  • Connect cost parameters to each target


  LEED Certification Chennai

SAVE your energy

  • Measure deviations from targets to qualify each opportunity as a gain or a loss
  • Each gain or loss can be seen in terms of rupees earned or lost for true RoI analysis
  • Qualify the effect of energy saving actions by showcasing the gains achieved


  Building Automation Chennai

REVIEW your results

  • Refine the targets by analysing the actual performance to raise the bar
  • Create new energy saving opportunities

Comprehensive Reporting

EMS Chennai

Features & Reports

Benefits for You

  • Thinks for you – analytics and reports that point out issues and recommend solutions
  • Meets your applications – customised features and reports to meet your specific needs & requirements
  • Saves your time – deviation reports help you focus only on problem areas
  • Helps cut your losses – loss analysis reports point out where you could be losing energy
  • Fits in seamlessly – integrates with existing meters and systems
  • Easy to understand and simple to use – requires minimum training to operate
Any Meter Integration
Anywhere on LAN / WAN / Cloud
Any Medium – Ethernet/ OF/ Wireless/ Twisted Pair
Cloud Ready
Multi-System Connectivity (DCS/ SCADA/EMS)
High Speed Data Monitoring
Energy Accounting and Costing
Targets & Deviations
SEC/EPI Reports
Power Quality Reports
Automated Reports
Alerts & SMS

Features & Reports

Designed with your needs in mind

  • EB Bill Matching Reports
  • Power Interruption Reports
  • Voltage and Frequency Trends and Analysis
  • Cost Centre Energy Reports – shift, daily, monthly & flexible
  • Cost Centre Deviation Reports – shift, daily, monthly and flexible
  • Cost Centre Specific Energy Reports (requires manual or automatic production data)
  • SMS and Email Alerts
  • Demand Monitoring & Deviation
  • PF Monitoring and Deviation
  • Power Flow and Energy Matching
  • Harmonics Trends – individual phase wise
  • DG Monitoring – generation and DG efficiency (requires manual or automatic diesel usage data)
  • Time of Use Analysis & Reports
  • Auto Email of all Reports


Typical Schematic

 Chennai LEED Certification

  • EMS Server that hosts the ALENSOFT EMS
  • Smart Gateways to ensure a highly reliability network
  • Load Managers that measure accurately across load types and load conditions
  • Our Commitment to ensure that your system stays relevant as your needs and applications evolve