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Lighting Energy Saver

Payback in as low as 9 months! Depreciation is an added benefit.


  • Large Offices – particularly Software & BPO facilities
  • Shop floor lighting in Industries, particularly those that are dependent largely on artificial lighting
  • Hospitals, Educational Institutes & Research laboratories
  • Commercial & Residential complexes
  • Campus Lighting

The LES Concept

Conserve energy of lighting loads without heavy investments or cumbersome changes in light fittings

LES offers a simpler solution in conserving Energy on all types of lighting including, old fittings with copper chokes, new fittings with electronic chokes, tube-lights, CFLs, etc.The LES is a device that saves energy by maintaining the power delivered to the lighting loads at an optimum voltage, without visibly compromising on the quality of lighting (Lumen output) or comfort.All types of lamps (except incandescent bulbs) have a non-linear curve for power consumption and lumen delivered. Depending on the type of lamp, about 20% lower wattage results in 5 to 10% lumen drop, which is not easily perceived by the naked eye. Appropriate power supply to lighting loads also results in improved power factor and reduced harmonics. KRYKARD LES comes with a Load Manager to display kW & kWh among other electrical parameters, to know the energy consumption patterns with or without LES, thereby instantaneously quantifying savings in energy.

Features & Benefits

Energy Saving

 Saves up to 25% energy
Works effectively on all types of lighting
 Improves PF, reducing cable losses
Reduces kVA Demand

Qualityof Lighting

 Ensures consistency of lighting which enables better productivity


 Increases lamp life and reduces replacement costs
Reduces THD on fixtures that generate harmonics


 Intelligent Controller with RTC and 5 User settable time zones each with independent voltage settings allows users to set optimum time based voltage settings to maximize energy saving


 Smart sensor that senses load current increase during Lamp start-up and adjusts voltage to ensure that Lamp has appropriate voltage during start-up. Reverts to energy saving setting immediately after