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<h2> Energy Meter Manufacturers in Bangalore </h2> Multy 4 digital energy meter is designed to offer Power & Energy Monitoring under all conditions. For Energy Meter Manufacturers in Bangalore @ 9500097966.
Multy 4

Multy 4

  • Class 1.0
  • Power & Energy Monitoring
  • Load Management


Standards for Performance & Safety

Artificial Intelligence in BangaloreAccuracy Class 0.5s as per 62053 – 22

EasePerformance that enhances your effectiveness

energy meter manufacturers in bangalore Continuous sampling on all channels at 64 samples/cycle
 energy meter manufacturers bangalore Voltage input upto 480V

 Artificial Intelligence BangaloreCT primary programmable

 Password protection
 2kV Isolation
 Backlit LCD graphical display
Special high-accuracy CT supplied with the meter


  • Voltages – L-N and L-L (C)
  • Frequency
  • Voltage Min and Max – L-N and L-L (C)
  • Currents – Line
  • Max Currents – Phase-wise (C)
  • Power Factor – phase and total
  • kW, kVA, kVAr – Phase and total
  • kWh – Phase wise and total
  • kVAh – Phase wise and total
  • Special Load Management measurements