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Widest range in the market

meets every budget and every application.
  • 3 CT
  • 4 CT
CURRENTS From5 mA To10,000 A Cover most applications
CLAMPS From 11mm to 250mm dia clamps for use on cables, bus-bars and multi-run cables
MEASUREMENTS Power, Energy & Harmonics AC V & I , DC v & I , Half Cycle Max V & I , Half Cycle Min V & I, Phasor Diagrams, Power, HZ , Energy Power Quality Pst, Plt, Crest Factor, K-Factor, Harmonic Loss Factor (FHL), THD V & I, Harmonics upto 50th order, Sequence of Harmonics, Transients, Inrush

Easiest to use

try once and you will find it difficult to choose anything else

Spend a few minutes with any model to know why our Portables are known to be the easiest to use in the market

  • Easy to read LCD screens
  • Simple and accessible menus & buttons
  • Designed to be used with minimum training
  • Easy to use configuration & download softwares

Comprehensive Measurements

all that you need
  • AC+DC Voltages – upto 1000V P-N
  • AC+DC Currents – 5mA to 10,000Aac/ 50mA to 5000Adc
  • Frequency – 40 to 69 Hz (400 Hz model available)
  • Half-Cycle Min & Max Voltage & Current values
  • Current & Voltage peak factors
  • Unbalance on Voltage & Current
  • Phasor Diagram with phase angles
Power & Energy
  • kW, kVA (total & per-phase)
  • kVAr total, kVAr distortion (total & per-phase)
  • PF, Cosø, Tanø (total & per-phase)
  • Wh, VAh, VArh, Dh (Distortion Energy)

Power Quality
  • Short-term Flicker (Pst) & Long-term Flicker (Plt)
  • Crest Factor
  • K-Factor
  • Harmonic Loss Factor (FHL)
  • THD on V & I w.r.t fundamental & RMS values
  • Harmonics up to 50th order – V, U, I, VA and Neutral Current
  • Sequence of Harmonics (zero, -ve, +ve)
  • V & I Transients (>78μs)
  • Inrush Current capture


Boosts Productivity

powerful features that get your work done fast
  • Flexible data logging features include user-settable recording configurations with user-selectable parameters &logging interval
  • Configure and use on any distribution system/ connection method
  • Multi-tasking allows you to perform multiple activities simultaneously to get more out of the

Powerful DataView Software

  • View real-time instrument data directly on PC through DataView Software
  • Merge MS Word, MS Excel and Data Tables for analysis and reporting
  • Export to MS Excel or Convert to PDF for reporting
  • Pre-defined and User-definable templates

Do all these at the same time

  • View Real-time screens
  • Record data
  • Capture Voltage & Current Transients
  • Capture In-rush Current
  • Capture Alarms
  • View recorded data
  • Take Screenshots (pictures)

Built Tough

Rugged and meant for long field studies

Designed especially for Indian conditionsPower supply specially ruggedised for Indian power quality conditions minimising the need for service supportWorld’s first analyser with Hindi language option – because familiarity with language increases effectiveness

Meets stringent instrument protection

  • IP 53 (IP 65 option)
  • IK 08 protection against shocks as per EN 62262
  • Fall – 1m as per IEC 61010-1
  • Kensington Security Slot for anti-theft protection