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ALM 20

ALM 20

3-Phase 3 CT Analyser

Ideal and handy tool for field studies

  • Self-powered, no dependence on battery
  • 2GB SD card for data logging
  • PC and Bluetooth connectivity


Standards for Performance & Safety

ALM 20 High electrical safety standards
ALM 20IP 54 non-operating
ALM 20Kensington Security Slot For anti-theft protection – Ideal for engineers on the move

Recordjust what you want

ALM 20 Complete freedom to select time interval and duration for recording
ALM 20Data logging in 2GB SD memory card – data retrieval possible directly from SD card
Ease and Performance that enhances your effectiveness
ALM 20
Multi tasking ability for simultaneous
  • Data Logging,
  • Downloading of Data to a PC

You can do more in less time

ALM 20

Compact and light weight

ALM 20

Fits in the palm

ALM 20


ALM 20

9 Different CTs

Choose from 9 different CTs for measurement with auto recogition feature

ALM 20

Electrical Connections

17 types of electrical connections possible

ALM 20

Magnetic Latch

Magnetic Latch for instant mounting and removal on electrical panels

Easyto Download

ALM 20  Bluetooth connectivity
ALM 20USB port
ALM 20  Ethernet port
ALM 20  PAT and DataView software for Data Download, Real-time Views and Report Generation
ALM 20Direct recording on PC with DataView software
ALM 20  Export data to Spread sheet and PDF format
ALM 20A wide range of Predefined report models available for quick printing
ALM 20Android App for instrument configuration and viewing of real-time data through Bluetooth


  • AC+DC Voltages – upto 1000V P-N
  • AC+DC Currents – 5mA to 10,000Aac/ 50mA to 5000Adc
  • Frequency – 42.5 to 69 Hz OR 340 to 460 Hz
ALM 20ALM 20ALM 20
Power & Energy
  • kW, kVA total (per-phase is available in recording)
  • kVAr total ( per-phase is available in recording)
  • PF, Tanø total (PF, Cosø, Tanø per-phase is available in recording)
  • Wh, VAh, VArh
  • Max for total kW, kVA, kVAr
ALM 20ALM 20ALM 20ALM 20ALM 20

Power Quality
  • THDf on V, U, I, In
  • Unbalance on Voltage *
  • V & A Crest Factor *
  • Harmonics up to 50th order – V, U, I and Neutral Current *
ALM 20ALM 20ALM 20ALM 20


ALM 20
ALM 20