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<h1>3 Phase Stabiliser</h1> 3 Phase Stabiliser KRYKARD 3 Phase Stabiliser have been setting the standard in the industry for product. For 3 Phase Stabiliser Manufacturers Call us @ 9500097966.
3 Phase Stabilisers

3 Phase Stabilisers


  • Auto sector – CNC Machines, EDM Machines, Special Purpose Machines (SPMs), etc.
  • Textile – Spinning machines – Autoconers, Draw frames, Carding etc.
  • Textile – Looms, Knitting & Fabric Processing machines
  • Textile – Garments – Sewing & Embroidery machines
  • Food processing – FFS (Pouch packing), Bottling lines, Deep freezer, Cold rooms, etc.
  • Printing sector – Offset printing, Paper cutting, Book binding, etc.
  • Health care & diagnostics – CT Scan, MRI, X-rays, Pathology labs, ICU/ Operation theatre equipment
  • Analytic & Test equipment – Centrifuges, Spectrometers, Chromatographs, Hardness Testers, CMMs etc


 True RMS sensing ensures Stable voltage even under adverse waveform conditions
Micro controller based electronic circuit for precise correction and value added features
Measures & displays voltage (output & input), output current & frequency
 High performance—works for decades
 Complete protection against High / Low voltage & frequency, Overload, Single Phasing, High N – E Voltage, Short circuit & Spikes
 High efficiency, low maintenance costs — lowest life cycle cost
 Convenient service bypass arrangement for minimum disturbance to operations even in the worst case
 Upgradable for power & energy monitoring with communication to integrate with your EMS or BMS


Models for different operating/ ambient conditions:

  • Air cooled Stabiliser – Aesthetic looks, Compact size
  • Oil cooled Stabiliser – Reliability even in dusty, ingress prone environment
  • Models for outdoor installation

Models for different input voltage bands:

  • To cater to voltage conditions that vary from location to location, we have configured a range of models to suit individual site conditions, ensuring appropriate and cost effective products.