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<h2>Servo Voltage Stabiliser For Offices</h2> Maintain optimum ambience in your offices with our Stabilisers by efficiently regulating your lighting, air conditioning and other office equipment. Stabiliser for Offices Call @ 9500097966.<
Stabilisers for Offices

Stabilisers for Offices

The ambience of an office is designed to enhance the quality of business by increasing customer comfort and staff productivity for which ensuring the proper functioning of Air conditioning, Lighting, UPS and other office equipment is critical.

A Servo Stabiliser at the incomer provides a regulated voltage enabling efficient functioning of equipment.

In many cases, energy cost can be reduced by providing the optimum voltage. Leading financial institutions with large networks have made the Servo Stabiliser an integral part of their infrastructure and have benefitted from it.


Stabilisers for Offices True RMS sensing ensures Stable voltage even under adverse waveform conditions
Stabilisers for OfficesMicro controller based electronic circuit for precise correction and value added features
Stabilisers for OfficesMeasures & displays voltage (output & input), output current & frequency
 Stabilisers for OfficesHigh performance—works for decades
Stabilisers for Offices Complete protection against High / Low voltage & frequency, Overload, Single Phasing, High N – E Voltage, Short circuit & Spikes
 Stabilisers for OfficesHigh efficiency, low maintenance costs — lowest life cycle cost
 Stabilisers for OfficesConvenient service bypass arrangement for minimum disturbance to operations even in the worst case
Stabilisers for Offices Upgradable for power & energy monitoring with communication to integrate with your EMS or BMS


Models for different operating/ ambient conditions:

  • Air cooled Stabiliser – Aesthetic looks, Compact size
  • Oil cooled Stabiliser – Reliability even in dusty, ingress prone environment
  • Models for outdoor installation

Models for different input voltage bands:

  • To cater to voltage conditions that vary from location to location, we have configured a range of models to suit individual site conditions, ensuring appropriate and cost effective products.