KRYKARD Static Voltage Regulator provides instantaneous voltage correction and power to a new generation of machines that are sensitive to even small voltage fluctuations. KRYKARD Static Voltage Regulator (SVR) is a DSP controlled IGBT based Voltage Regulator that uses Pulse Width Modulation technique (PWM) to provide accurate and high-speed voltage correction. The KRYKARD SVR uses a new switching topology where PWM is made directly in AC-to-AC switching, without any harmonic distortion. Our AC-AC PWM topology offers simplicity in design and reliability in operation due to lower component count and improves the efficiency and reliability.

Key Features:

      • 20kHz DSP based PWM control for fast cycle-by-cycle output correction
      • Direct AC-AC conversion improves efficiency & reliability
      • Instantaneous Correction @ 20,000 V/Sec speed
      • No moving parts – no wear & tear and therefore low maintenance
      • Output regulation of +/- 1%
      • No distortion in output waveform
      • Rugged and reliable IGBT power module
      • Complete Protection from Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Overload, Single Phasing, Phase Reversal & Short Circuit
      • Automatic bypass in case of failure
      • LCD display for displaying all performance parameters
      • Silent operation